We are

What we do.



Our work starts with a keen eye for details and empathy. That is the origin of many great ideas and the beginning of a process of creativity, product innovation and an increase of the products’ impact and its feasibility.

In cooperation with our clients we cultivate ideas in terms of perspective, strategic potential, product development capability in order to visualize them so they can be socialized and challenged within a particular environment.



At makery, interaction concepts and prototypes go hand in hand. Only if the concept is interactable you can estimate its value. Wireframes, architectural diagrams or screen designs might give you a notion of a concept but cannot substitute a tangible reality.

When building a prototype we consider not only visual or interactive but also industrial, haptic or ergonomic implications of the product.



It’s not just about beautification. It’s about understanding the users’ expectations based on their previous experiences and generating a useable product from that.

We make the most important functions the most accessible. We analyze the product for recurring interactions and form patterns which are easy to use and consistent. The rest is beautification – that’s what we’re also good at.

Our Clients.

We like them – they like us. Together we are making things useable, enjoyable, interesting, innovative and fast.